RESQUE 100 – the mobile room air purifier

For guaranteed clean air

Thanks to the patented Smart E-filter, the new mobile room air cleaners from Clean Air Enterprise AG are particularly powerful and efficient with a separation efficiency of over 99 %. They clean the air in rooms up to 100 m² reliably and efficiently from fine dust, viruses, germs, bacteria, fungal spores and aerosols. The integrated activated carbon filter also acts against unpleasant odors and ozone. The adjustable electrostatic filter is easy to use, effective and sustainable. Ideal for larger rooms in commerce, trade and industry.

Effective against

Viren, Bakterien, Milben, Sporen, Pollen, Feinstaub, Allergene


Chemische Substanzen (flüchtig und organisch)

Gerüche (Rauch, Farbe, Küchen, Körper, u.a.m)

Advantages of the RESQUE 100

• Mobile use

• Easy to maneuver thanks to 4 wheels

• Easy and safe to use

• Efficient and powerful (up to 1200 m³/h)

• High air purification rate: 4 x per hour (room 100 m²)

• Integrated CO₂ alarm system

• Integrated humidity meter

• Unique Smart E-Filter

• Germ-free and hygienic

• Individually (3 fixed levels) and via slider infinitely adjustable


Offices (meeting rooms, reception, open-plan rooms), laboratories, recreation rooms, waiting areas (public, business and private), archives, warehouses, cellars (industry, trade, administrations, museums), production rooms (industry), garages, air-raid shelters, treatment rooms (therapy, OP, intensive care, etc.), smoker’s lounges, shisha bars

Application areas

Schools, kindergardens, universities, hospitals, nursing homes, prisons, administrations, public authorities (federal, cantonal, municipal), museums, theaters and art houses (exhibitions), industry (all branches) and trade, service sector (banks, insurance companies, agencies, salons), facility management, real estate/administration, army/civil defense, gastronomy (restaurants, clubs, bars, hotel, canteens), fitness studios, medical practices, pharmacy

Additional option packages

Filter package

  • Products: 8 x G5 pre-filters and 1 x activated carbon filter
  • Lifetime: 2 years

Service package

  • Cleaning Smart E-Filter
  • Change G5 pre-filter and 1 activated carbon filter
  • After 2 years

Display – easy operation and clear information

3 fixed stages/ventilation levels

  • Stage 1: 300 m³/h
  • Stage 2: 600 m³/h
  • Stage 3: 1200 m³/h
  • Fan Speed 0 to 1260 m³/h

CO2 Alarm System

  • Green (< 1000 ppm): o.k., no message
  • Yellow (1000–1250 ppm): ventilation recommended
  • Red (> 1250 ppm): signal tone, ventilate immediately!

The CO2 value is continuously displayed.

Integrated humidity meter


SurfacePowder coated
ColorsColors Anthracite gray (RAL 7016 satin)
Silk gray (RAL 7044 satin)
Gray-white (RAL 9002 silk gloss)
Colors of your choice (by arrangement and for an additional charge)
Dimensions66 × 37 × 90 cm (L × W × H)
Cleaning capacity1200 m³/h
Separation efficiencyOver 99 %
Fan levelsVariable, with 3 fixed speed levels
1: 300 m³/h | 2: 600 m³/h | 3: 1200 m³/h
Active carbon filterActs against odors
PerformanceIntegrated alarm system for CO₂ in 3 levels (green, orange, red)
EquipmentDisplay and indicator for filter change
Weight70 kg
Warranty2 years