Improved air quality with Clean Air Enterprise

Clean Air Enterprise is the leading company for improving the air condition in energy dense buildings. We offer room comfort, environmental quality, capacity and sustainability.

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Clean Air Enterprise Product

The basis of our new air filter is not fleece and functions electrically. On the base of high voltage, it filters the fine dust. The filter is built on modularity. The new system is responsible for high air quality and a good room climate. It is very easy to replace the traditional system, based on fleece and is by far more economical and ecological.

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Clean Air Enterprise Product Service

Our «all-around problem free package» offers the highest flexibility regarding installation, service and the cleaning process. You decide when, and we realize, install and clean at your location or at our facility – quickly, efficient and for reasonable costs. We train your personal or your facility management and are at any time at your disposition.

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Clean Air Enterprise AG, founded in July 2016, has the goal, to become a market leader in improving air quality in energy dense rooms of companies and institutions. Employees, board members and business partners offer a extensive package of technical know how, experience and power of innovative power.

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