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The core competencies of our partners enable us to lead our company successfully towards a bright future.


The still very young, but everlasting sector is confronted with increasingly poor outdoor air quality and, at the same time with a more conscious demand for good indoor air quality as well as climate change. Clean Air Enterprise develops, produces and distributes modules for central air treatment such as filtering, humidification or dehumidification, heat exchanging of supply or exhaust air, cooling, heating or ventilation. Our modularly built filters deliver highest quality and hygiene for lowest possible life cycle costs.


In the first phase we occupy ourselves with the maximum potential of improving the filter technology. We develop and distribute the modules. They replace the existing filters and are installed in new buildings. Our partners replace the filter technology and the ventilation module for your customers and thereby offer the service of a complete renewal of the existing equipment.
In further phases we will successively realize further modules for additional functions.


Adrian Peterhans

Adrian Peterhans

Chairman of the Board/CEO
accelerate innovation

Core competencies
Innivation management


Patrick Pahl

Patrick Pahl

Member of the Board
Pahl Ltd. Kitchen technology

Core competencies
Installation on site
Service on site
Hygiene guidelines


Factory service/installation
Pahl AG, Kitchen technology, Dietikon

S-TEC electronics AG, Unterägeri

Cleaning equipment and supplies
Elma Schmidbauer Suisse AG, Mägenwil

Sheet metal processing and assembly
Hess AG