Messbericht COAG


GOAG was engaged by Clean Air Enterprise Ltd. to measure find dust in rooms, which get their air through ventilation systems equipped with electric filters. At the same time the concentration of fine dust was measured in rooms, where the air was filtered by conventional filters (M5 + F7).


The room air measurements showed, that the air treated by Electric- and carbon filter show a significantly lower proportion of particels of the size 0.3 µm than room air, treated by conventional filters of the class M5 + F7.

Room air electric filter / carbon filter 5200 particles 0.3 µm = reduction of 93 %
Room air conventional filter M5/f7 17200 particles 0.3 µm = reduction of 77 %
Outdoor air 74800 particles 0.3 µm

Measurements were made at four different places such as an open-space office, a conference room or a cafeteria. The measurement of the unit directly after the carbon filter showed a reduction of the particle 0.3 µm of even more than 99 %.


The results show, that the electric filter of Clean Air Enterprises has a directly positive influence on the quality of room air. The number of dust particles in room air has a direct effect on with the well-being of the employees, especially in case of dry air.[/column_1] [/column]

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